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Our Philosophy

Sustainable & Client-Driven Landscapes

Through education, research, and experience, I know the impacts that our own backyards can have on our ecosystems. In my maintenance services, I strive to reduce chemical inputs, focusing on an integrated pest management approach. This includes using the very best horticultural care practices to take care of your yard and gardens. I also understand the importance of native plants and increasing biodiversity in our landscapes. My plant selection will always include native plants and species diversity while ensuring I include those plants that you love most.

I want your outdoor spaces to be sources of pride and happiness rather than frustration. My designs, installations, and maintenance are always begin with client consultations. I want to know what you are looking for from your landscape - how you will use it, what style you prefer, how you intend to maintain it, and more. This information informs our services so that your yard works for you and your lifestyle.

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